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Yonke Digital is one of Southern Africa’s most innovative IoT companies. With so much new technology breaking through, one that especially creates a much-needed buzz is IoT (Internet of things). IoT is definitely set to change the way we think about everyday life. So, we’ve teamed up with the Smartview team to create life-changing IoT experiences.

IoT Explained

In simple terms: IoT is a profound technology that consists of devices, sensors and a network infrastructure. In most instances, it can be explained as a module that quickly collects and transfers data to and from multiple devices at “lightning speed”. IoT creates a network between devices that have a sensor, software or IP address but, more importantly, the device does not need an actual connection to the internet in order to communicate. This enables collection, sharing and communication which is real-time, always online and efficient. Combined with AI (artificial intelligence) it will allow the everyday experience to be calculated, analyzed and improved using computing power. Because these processes take place on high-speed networks, it almost delivers real-time data processing and visualization. Some of our tests have proven this. By performing certain tasks, the data concurrently ran at fast speed and the machine we were using at the time crashed on multiple occasions, however, the IoT infrastructure kept processing. The current IoT enabling network in South Africa was implemented by SigFox – A French wireless company founded in 2009 and had expanded its network to South Africa. What’s great about the Sigfox network is that it’s really inexpensive, fast, low powered and reliable.

Current uses for the Internet of Things may include advanced or smart metering, alert and track and vehicle transport analytics. Large firms like retail stores are also taking advantage of this technology by analyzing shopper behaviour and using the data strategically in their favour. By using sensors and various devices, the software is able to find patterns and provide solutions based on the end objective.

Generally categorized into 3 main sectors:

Commercial IoT

Commercial IoT

Industrial IoT

Industrial IoT

Consumer IoT watch

Consumer IoT

How will IoT improve my life?

  • Real-time health monitoring
  • Smart homes and real-time security updates
  • Low connectivity costs from as little as R10 per year
  • Reduced human error
  • Seamless tracking of any physical, tangible item
  • Real-time monitoring
  • Panic devices

IoT is certainly a technology that can enhance the way we live. Currently, Cape Town is in the lead to gain South Africa’s first “smart-city” status. Followed by Johannesburg, which is also the first cities to gain access to a fully functional IoT network from Sigfox. You can check the network coverage here.

Yonke Digital is one of Africa’s leading IoT Companies

When our teams conducted their first research into IoT development, the company immediately saw the benefits. The main focus at this stage was on smart metering for water and electricity. Our aim was to show SA business’ when and where IoT can help them smartly save water or electricity using and learning the patterns of everyday usage. Further research and development with our partners at VisioSoft and Smartview have enabled us to become the first digital agency to offer IoT services and products in South Africa. Our staff has been setting up new developments and plans for 2018 and especially 2019 to ensure we’re always relevant and up to date with the latest IoT trends as they happen.

Our next focus will be directed at security supplying business’ and home with real-time activities. We will be utilising new generation sensors that are compliant with the current IoT infrastructure to ensure you always have a positive hold on your property. These are just some of the cool projects our team is currently focused on and we’re positive that it will place more confidence in individuals willing to invest in the technology.

Lets start building a smarter world

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