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Paid search is not an avenue you’d want to pursue with an inexperienced agency. There are quite a few agencies that offer PPC as a service and only a small portion of which we’ve seem implementing it correctly and efficiently. It could turn out to be the very service that generates the most of your business sales or leads. Yonke Digital has successfully built, maintained and optimized hundreds of accounts in multiple industries. Our approach is by far the most important part of our strategy. We determine who’d be most interested in your product or service and make sure that your target market is well aware of your business and offering. By doing this step correctly, we manage to not only save you money but engage with and build trust where it matters most.

Before we even consider Paid advertising for your business, let’s find out what is and why you need it.

What is Paid Search?

PPC or Paid Search advertising is the practice of utilising promoted space on search engines like Google or Bing and paying each time your advert is clicked. There are various methods in which you’re able to promote your services:

  • Pay each time your ad is clicked (PPC)
  • Pay for every 1000 impressions (CPM)
  • And recently, you’re now able to pay only when a user completes a specific action you’ve set as a goal (only display).

In 2018, there are almost endless platforms and ways to promote your business using PPC technology. The most common platforms for advertising in South Africa are Google Ads, Bing Ads and Facebook Business Manager. Yonke Digital have mastered and analyzed what it takes to be successful and deliver an efficient return on investment.

Targeted PPC

Targeted Paid Search Campaigns

Our paid search efforts include highly targeted and remarketing strategies that encourage visitors to take action and convert. Our audience selection is segmented by their location, interests and demographics. This is just a few ways in which you show you exactly who your target market is, the kind of content they enjoy and how best to get them through the conversion funnel.

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Whether you need brand awareness, leads or sales. Our paid search services will generate highly qualified leads and online sales, Proven! We’re so confident we’ll even offer you the first month’s Pay-Per-Click Services free of charge.


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